TRACKAmap Subscription Terms and Conditions

Use of and a subscription to TRACKAmap Services is subject to the following terms and conditions:


1.1 A Subscription to TRACKAmap and your entry to the TRACKAmap Website is subject to the terms and conditions of use defined below. If you do not agree to be bound by these Conditions of Use you should not start a Subscription or enter this Website.

1.2 TRACKAmap reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Conditions of Use of at any time and at its sole discretion. You will be notified of such changes, modifications or amendments within the Home Page. Your continuation of your Subscription, access to TRACKAmap Services and use of the site will be deemed to be your acceptance of these changes, modifications or amendments.

1.3 Subscriptions are valid worldwide.

1.4 Subscriptions cannot be temporarily suspended. Subscriptions cannot be redirected to a different user.

1.5 If you experience technical problems with accessing your Subscription Services, it is Your responsibility to notify TRACKAmap to receive assistance.


2.1 Prices quoted for Subscriptions to TRACKAmap are in United States dollars.

2.2 Access to the Services provided by a TRACKAmap Subscription will be available on a pay for use basis. A setup fee and initial term payment is due upfront and is payable by credit card. Ongoing term charges are payable by credit card.

2.3 All payments are processed by a third party, MoonClerk, and as such are subject to additional terms and conditions as set by MoonClerk.

2.3 Prices are subject to change.


3.1 Minimum Subscription term is the initial Subscription length as selected by You (one month, 3 months, or one year) No refund will be provided for cancellation within this period.

3.2 TRACKAmap reserves the right to suspend or cancel your Subscription at any time in its absolute discretion, provided that TRACKAmap gives You written notice of such suspension or cancellation. In the event that TRACKAmap cancels your Subscription, you will receive a pro-rata refund for the outstanding portion of your Subscription.

3.3 In the event of a cancellation of your Subscription, you will receive a pro rata refund for the outstanding portion of your of your subscription to a minimum value of $5.00.


4.1 TRACKAmap, is collecting your personal information for the purpose of administering your subscription and understanding our audiences. TRACKAmap will otherwise handle your personal information in accordance with TRACKAmaps Privacy Policy which is available on our website at (and which contains information regarding how you can make a complaint about our handling of your personal information). By providing your personal information, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Without limiting the foregoing, TRACKAmap may use your personal information as reasonably related to Your relationship with TRACKAmap. In addition, by subscribing to this publication, You consent to TRACKAmap using your personal information for the purpose of sending you information regarding programs, products and services available through us. We will always provide you with the ability to opt out of those communications.


5.1 You agree that any errors made in entering Your contact information and order details, including your Iridium phone number, are Your responsibility and TRACKAmap is not liable for any consequences that may arise as a result of such errors or incorrect information, including but not limited to sending the Subscription to the email address as notified by You and receiving tracking information from the Iridium phone number provided by You. If You change your email address, Iridium phone number, or any other relevant details or do not receive your Subscription, You should notify TRACKAmap by contacting

5.2 To the extent permitted by law, TRACKAmap is not liable to You for any loss or damage incurred by You in connection with your Subscription, whether direct, consequential, special, indirect or other loss or damage. In any event, TRACKAmaps maximum liability to You is limited to the value of the Subscription fees paid within the previous twelve months.

5.3 You acknowledge that while TRACKAmap will endeavour to ensure that the information contained within and any TRACKAmap Services are accurate and up-to-date, TRACKAmap accepts no responsibility for any error or omission in relation to any information contained within or provided to You through any TRACKAmap Services.

5.4 TRACKAmap makes no warranty or representation as to any information contained within or any TRACKAmap Services. All implied warranties and conditions are excluded, except those that by operation of law cannot be excluded.

5.5 You rely on the information contained within or any TRACKAmap Services at your own risk. TRACKAmap specifically excludes all liability for any loss or damage, which may be suffered by you by reason of reliance on this information contained within for any purpose or your inability to access information from any TRACKAmap Services. Under no circumstances will TRACKAmap be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damage caused to you by reason of any use of the information contained within or any TRACKAmap Services or your inability to access material contained within or any TRACKAmap Services. TRACKAmap accepts no responsibility for loss resulting from viruses, internet access problems or hardware or software malfunctions.

5.6 TRACKAmap does not warrant or represent that or any TRACKAmap Services will be available at all times. TRACKAmap accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by you if for any reason access to or any TRACKAmap Services is not available.

5.7 In the case of Services offered to you by TRACKAmap, to the extent that TRACKAmap's liability cannot be excluded by operation of law, TRACKAmap's liability is limited to the supply of these services again.


6.1 You acknowledge that these Subscription Terms and Conditions may be modified by TRACKAmap from time to time, and agree that You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Subscription Terms and Conditions and your continued use of the Subscription constitutes your acceptance of any such modifications.


7.1 ALL material including, but not limited to coding, information, data, photographs and video contained within is subject to copyright laws. Subject to the provisions of such laws you must not copy, reproduce, re-broadcast or re-transmit any material contained within, whether in whole or in part, by any means or attempt to deal in infringing copies taken from this site.

7.2 Any copying for commercial purposes, for distribution to third parties or other manner of use of TRACKAmap material is expressly forbidden without prior written permission of TRACKAmap.

7.3 Application for the use of material from TRACKAmap should be made to


8.1 It is the responsibility of any party whether directly or indirectly displaying material within including, but not limited to, advertisements offering any goods and services for sale or otherwise to ensure that these goods and services do not violate any law pertaining to any form of abuse, malicious falsehood, violence, obscenity, pornography or objectionable social behaviour punishable by law or laws regarding weapons, munitions, explosives and other harmful materials, and do not promote the email activity commonly known as spamming and the Internet activity commonly known as hacking. TRACKAmap accepts no responsibility for any material displayed on this site by any third party. Any liability for such material is hereby excluded.


9.1 Links contained within may provide access to you to additional sites, which are owned, maintained and controlled by Internet service providers other than TRACKAmap. These may include free, public access information sites, restricted, user-pays sites and commercial sites including eCommerce sites. The material contained within these sites can change without TRACKAmaps's knowledge. As these sites are neither the property of, or any responsibility of TRACKAmap, you acknowledge that TRACKAmap has no control over the maintenance of these sites and therefore bears no liability or responsibility for their content.


10.1 You may not use any trade mark, name, get up or other indicia appearing within, whether in whole or in part, by any means or for any purpose without the permission of the owner. TRACKAmap accepts no responsibility for the use of any trademark, name, get up or other indicia by any person displaying material within Liability for such use is hereby excluded. Any person using a trade mark, name, get up or other indicia within agrees to indemnify TRACKAmap for any claim by any third party against RACKAmap in relation to such use.


In these terms and conditions:

11.1 “TRACKAmap", "we" or "us" means the business operated as TRACKAmap.

11.2 "Subscriber", "Customer" or "You" means a person who is a subscriber to a TRACKAmap Service.

11.3 A "Subscription" means a standard fully paid TRACKAmap subscription taken up directly with TRACKAmap, and for which these terms and conditions apply. A Subscription includes all parts and sections of the Services deemed part of; this may change from time to time in accordance with TRACKAmap’s reasonable operational requirements. A Subscription can only be paid for by credit card, where the initial payment is made by you upfront.